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Why Optical Lenses Are Used in Lights?

Optics are one of the essential elements that are used in an LED luminaire. They are used to focus, shape and mix the light, which is produced by the LED light sources. Optics are also used in LED lights for effectively mixing colours and getting efficient performance. Lenses are used to collect light from the source and change its direction so that the light distributed properly.

Role of Optical Lenses in LED Lights

Optical lenses play a vital role in the distribution of light in street & flood lights. Due to their rotational symmetric design, these are able to generate a proper illumination on the roads. Some more uses of Optical LED Lenses, LED Bulb Lens are given below:

  • Provide focused light beam
  • Enhance the illumination efficiency
  • Provide uniformity in light distributional
  • Protect the LED's from outer environmental conditions

Quality, Our Main Focus

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